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Our History 

About us

The AGR international team responds in an average of 3 languages per person, multiculturalism, graduates, several with two careers, some with doctorates, the majority with MBA and especially with experience in positions of responsibility of multinationals or governments.

We have references and accreditations that make us be approved by different official bodies in various parts of the Orb.

We define ourselves as “executives that we execute”, we do not sell paper to weight, smoke and less celestial music. We speak clearly and directly. If the requirement of our clients is viable, we undertake it, if we do not see it viable, we say it openly and clearly on the fly to avoid false expectations. If our time is worth a lot, that of our clients more.

We fulfill to perfection the four EEEE of AGR: Effective, Efficient, Effective, Executives and Enthusiasts.

Our sources tend to be extremely reliable because we know that the decision-making in the top strategic direction when undertaking an international project, part of a truthful, reliable and trustworthy information.


Full vocation of 360º service for those who hire us. We do not understand business without personal relationships and extreme dedication in favor of our client. Culture 24/7/365

Confidence, discretion, humility, confidentiality and low profile are the keys of our expertise and therefore of the success of our clients.

Generalists and experts in all types of sectors and subsectors. We know the doors to call in each country and the key to enter.

Advisors, advisers, advisers, empirically and technically.

Our economic model is for fixed and variable fees. Abstain companies whose philosophy is win-win, or, success fee (to commission).

“It is foolish to confuse value with price.


To be the “best travel companion” in international projects for any company that has the capabilities, references, financial lung and wants to succeed at a low cost.

Be your Ambassadors in outsourcing.

Philosophy and Values

BUILD … never Destroy.

Method, Rigor, Constancy and Perseverance.

Honor, family, respect, and fraternity.

Contribute and add, never subtract. Do good and do not look to whom. Help out to the most needy.

Life is easy … we complicate it.

“If you do not elevate a relationship to a contact and a relationship does not elevate it to friendship” nothing will serve you.